Thursday, 20 August 2009

Guilty pleasures

Hi, everyone!

Here is something I've been doing this week. There is more to come, but for that you'll have to wait for a while. This one is for you Anya!

And we have been given a Divine Award from the always so lovely Anya C. from Couture Millienery Atelier and she asked us to tell five guilty pleasures. So here is my five guilty pleasures:

1. Candy.
I eat candy every day.

2. Movies.
One movie a day makes me happy and relazed.
My record is seven movies in a day!
My favorite movie is The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry,
this movie practically changed my life.

3. Dresses.
Exspecially IvanaHelsinki dresses.
When I bought nine dresses in a month I started to think
that I should go to rehab.

4. Kaleidoscopes.
I love to watch through them. I love the way they change the
world we see in front of our eyes.

5. Photography.
Last but definetly not least. I've been photographing eight
months now and I have no idea how
I managet before my cameras (I have four now).

Actualy I don't know does any of these count as guilty pleasures, because I don't fell guilty at all (maybe the first three make me fell guilty time to time, I'm just avoiding the truth). I have a theory and because of this theory i don't fell guilty. I'm a bit materialistic person. And I have desided that when ever I notice that I have more that three of something I'll start to call it colecting. You know you can't blame a collector of owning several things that are practically the same.

But thank you so much Anya once more for everything. Actualy I have a friend named Anya and she is super sweet too! It must run with the name. And because of you Anya I have written more that I ever have to our blog. You make miracles!



  1. I enjoy a lot of the same things, but I don't feel guilty about anything but candy.

  2. Candy makes the world go round, and move boxes quicker :) Rad post!

  3. hi girls. i've really been enjoying your blog! i recently got the chance to give away an award and though you guys really deserve it. (:

  4. I loved the video! I've been getting really into stop-motion animation lately. This was a really cool piece!

  5. have never felt as happy as I did after reading your Post today. You remind me of Fellini, beautiful french black and white movies, tiny drops of rain in the middle of a sunny day, fresh bouquet of daisies and forget-me-nots,mysterious box of assorted chocolates...You are so incredible and so very unique, you are precious!

    I loved the video and thought that it is done with such taste and talent! I read through the list of your 5 Guilty Pleasures and I thought to myself that I probably have to be grateful for the chance to know you: not every day, not every year, not every life you meet such a divine essence of passion. I do not know how to express myself better than this. You inspire me on so many levels I doubt I can find the right words to describe it. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be a little part of your every day miraculous discoveries.

  6. What a great video! I too love kaleidoscopes and taking pictures and chocolate is my favorite candy : )

  7. Terrific film and wonderful post! Thank you!