Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Thank you guys! We reached 100.


Sunday, 23 August 2009


Samantha Exra from Almost like Sushi
has given us a Butterfly award!
And as it happens we are expected to give it forwards.
But to tell the truth I'm extremely lousy at that.
How can you deside for which blog to give an award,
because they all are so great and special.
I desided to start a new way of giving awards.
And this is my way.

I'll pass on Butterfly award to all those beautiful butterflyes
that have flewn beside me.
They have made my life more magical.
Who wouldn't love butterflyes they are just magnificent.
Unfortunately soon comes cold and long winter,
that means that all this summers butterflies must die.
But as we all know there is hidden , all around the world,
these little cocoons. And inside of them is hiding new and
beautiful butterflye.

And there is one more thing.
I just can not forget this one,
Thank you many many times dear Samantha Ezra,
you are too kind. This post is definetly dedicated to you.

Oh, I must tell this one last thing.
This is definetly the last one(I seem to enjoy writing nowadays).
I call this dress my butterflye dress
because the little sleeves look exactly like wings.
So it's the perfect way to party our new award!

Enjoy your butterflyes!

Dress by Malene Birger


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Guilty pleasures

Hi, everyone!

Here is something I've been doing this week. There is more to come, but for that you'll have to wait for a while. This one is for you Anya!

And we have been given a Divine Award from the always so lovely Anya C. from Couture Millienery Atelier and she asked us to tell five guilty pleasures. So here is my five guilty pleasures:

1. Candy.
I eat candy every day.

2. Movies.
One movie a day makes me happy and relazed.
My record is seven movies in a day!
My favorite movie is The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry,
this movie practically changed my life.

3. Dresses.
Exspecially IvanaHelsinki dresses.
When I bought nine dresses in a month I started to think
that I should go to rehab.

4. Kaleidoscopes.
I love to watch through them. I love the way they change the
world we see in front of our eyes.

5. Photography.
Last but definetly not least. I've been photographing eight
months now and I have no idea how
I managet before my cameras (I have four now).

Actualy I don't know does any of these count as guilty pleasures, because I don't fell guilty at all (maybe the first three make me fell guilty time to time, I'm just avoiding the truth). I have a theory and because of this theory i don't fell guilty. I'm a bit materialistic person. And I have desided that when ever I notice that I have more that three of something I'll start to call it colecting. You know you can't blame a collector of owning several things that are practically the same.

But thank you so much Anya once more for everything. Actualy I have a friend named Anya and she is super sweet too! It must run with the name. And because of you Anya I have written more that I ever have to our blog. You make miracles!


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Back to the cold early spring!

Just to remind all of you who're hoping summer will last forever - it won't, at least not in Finland! Well, I wouldn't really be this nasty person reminding of winter, if I had something else to show you. In my next posting I'll try to make it up to you!


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Apple tree

Pants: United colours of Benetton


Tuesday, 11 August 2009


You don't wan't hear about my clothes.

That chair is made by my great great great something grandfather.


Sunday, 9 August 2009

All white

Sorry about the HORRIBLE quality of this photo...


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

An Incomplete Set

This time I had huge difficulties while producing a nice trio out of photos
which I had taken from this dress.
I had many ideas, and I tried all of them out, but none of them
actually worked out perfectly.
So here's a set which photos work out as individual pics, but not together.

Dress: IvanaHelsinki

P.S My obsession towards IvanaHelsinki dresses is getting really bad.
I'm again eyeing one silk dress. Luckily I move back to my dear small city
( No clothing stores for me!) and dance all day again.
I miss dancing and my friends there a lot.


Monday, 3 August 2009

Miroir, miroir...

Mirror mirror, please tell me how to get an appartment from Lyon...I'm moving to Lyon in few weeks and searching the appartment is driving me mad.