Sunday, 29 November 2009

Diamond day

There are these days when you just hang in your bed,
watch movies*
and knit shit loads of stuff.
I'm having one of these days.
With out any reason.

(* 3 iron, Dream, Samaria - all these three from the same director Ki-duk Kim , Eat drink man woman, Das waisse Band and the list goes on and on. Please check even one of these out they are amazing)



  1. me too

    except I just watched Charlie and Lola episodes and Strictly Come Dancing so not actual films

  2. had one yesterday. watched onegin and wound yarn.

  3. Dear Ruhvana, I am back and decided to stop by, to say thank you for the wonderful comment you left for me. :-)))) I have a lot of catching uo to do including looking and reading through your magical blog. I can not wait to see the film you mentioned and hoping to see more pictures from your trip to Russia (I hope you enjoyed it!:-)). You always manage to surprise with amazing photography! Wishing you wonderful Thursday.

  4. love.