Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I know, I know.
I have been promising pictures from Russia and now I finally posted something about
my Russian friends
but the pic itself is not from
but from

Somehow I'm totally in love with this picture.
The sharp focus to a person whoms
face we can not see
and then these other people whos
face is visible
Really strange love.



  1. Yeah.. it's easier to appreciate the details when you see the picture in it's real size though... very cool

  2. wonderful picture

    because you can ivent the story to explain it

  3. very nice! the right person is me as i think ^.^ but i look like some troll :(
    when Ivan come back i think he will show you pictures that i took, or i can send it by e-mail )
    today is another love cult concert, in russia, whoohoo :D

    and sorry for my "good" english :\

  4. Ha haa. Yes, it is you! I think you need Anyas hair to look like a troll, a little bit of unfocusness doesent quite do it. :D

    And Ivan already sent me couple of those pics you took. They are so sweet and nice. I really loved the colours in Anyas kitchen, but I didn't have colour film, but luckily you had. I hope I'll see more of them when Ivan comes back.

    I would love to be in Russia now and listen to some great music! But some of us just have to study. Damn.

    And I will post some more photos from Russia and Love Cults gig later, just you wait.

    -Laura c:

  5. there are some pics from concerts in helsinki) http://nopost.livejournal.com/13703.html#cutid1

    i think when Ivan comes back he show you all of them)

    I didn't have bw film, but luckily you had :P i can't find any bw film with c41 process in Petrozavodsk :(