Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I'm totally obsessed with all kind of reflections and shadows. It has been a thing for
me since I grabbet my first ever camera seven months ago.
The first two are taken with my dear Soviet camera
( wish I could remember it's label, you know I can't read russian)
and the next two with my Pentax P30n. Bouth are of course film cameras,
but to tell the truth I don't own a scanner so I had to photograph
my protos with my digital Olympus. How modern is that!



  1. I like the most the pic of the train! There is something about trains... it is sooo cool to photograph them!

  2. Too bad you don't have a scanner. But they still look great! I love film!!
    The only bad thing about it is that you have to develop them and sometimes it takes too long.....!

  3. how funny, digital photos of film photos

    I like them

  4. I love the images on your blog; you take really good pictures/photos.

    Thank-you for the nice comment and the song recommendation; I've only heard of one song by Damien Rice that I liked a lot which was a cover entitled The Blowers Daughter which the song you recommended sounds like it. His voice makes me feel like crying, he sounds a bit like James Blunt. :)

  5. great photos and love your blog :)

  6. film camera is more great better than digital camera :)

  7. wow these are amazing!!

    i love the quality of film cameras!

  8. Lovely photos..I'm obsessed with reflections and shadows too! I just think you can get some really amazing shots, it adds another dimension. I really like the train and leaves pictures.
    Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog about the cameras! And I'llhave to do that hat post sometime soon..


  9. That last picture is really nice.

  10. Nää on myös hyviä! Erityisesti noi kaksi keskimmäistä. Hauska lisä et nää on tosiaan kameran kautta "digitalisoituja" filmikuvia.