Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Suprematist state of mind

Kasimir Malevich: Black Square, 1913 (probably)

Kasimir Malevich: Plane in Rotation, called Black Circle, 1915

I'm hoping to achieve a some sort of suprematist state of mind these days when I hardly have time to sleep, so Kasimir Malevich is more than obvious choice for my today's posting.
His elemental forms were designed to break the artist's conditioned responses to his environment and to create new realities 'no less significant than the realities of nature itself'. His squares were full of the absence of any object; 'they were pregnant with meaning'. So that's the idea of the suprematist movement in two sentences, hah.


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  1. Oh, c'est assez particulier quand même!
    Bises :)