Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Silk, sequins & zippers


I'm obsessed with silk! I happen to have about 60 silk shirts, but hey, they're all thrifted, and I'm using them as a material. Only problem is where to storage them, so I have to keep them in huge plastic bags in a cupboard.

You can make almost anything out of those silk shirts! Well, mostly I just wrap them around my mannequin in a stupid way like these ones here, and hardly never really sew something new.

I've also collected a few zippers (to use with my silk shirts...).

And back to sequins. I'm actually about to get over them, and these sequin birds are from few years back. By the way the coat in which they're sewed on was also inspired by Léon Bakst, whom I introduced briefly in my last post.


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  1. ihanaa! noi linnut on yybersöpöjä!